Tips to build a better business culture

What defines your business culture? If you have no idea, then now’s the time to think about it.

If you haven’t made efforts to build a better business culture then it will have shaped itself over the years. A business culture is formed by its priorities, values, the people who work with you as well as other factors. Together, these elements form your company’s work culture. 

But what is your business’s culture? It might be that it has become negative or even toxic without you realising. And that’s understandable because while you’re focussing on driving your business forward, you don’t have time to think about the culture. 

But it is important! So, you may need help to focus on your workplace culture and start building one that’s positive and empowering.

Recent research reveals that 45% of employees in the UK say that a ‘great’ culture is the most important factor when looking for a new job. The study questioned 300 business leaders, HR professionals and employees. 

It found that the top priority for job applicants is a company’s culture ‘that is created consciously and provides a wonderful employee experience’. The second priority was pay (31%) and how challenging the work is (28%).

Building a better business culture

Those findings are quite remarkable as most SME owners are likely to think that pay and the work itself it most important. But the research shows the culture of a business is fundamental.

More studies support these claims. According to a survey in the USA, a staggering 35% of workers would decline a job if the role was perfect but the corporate culture wasn’t.

Building a positive culture is advisable because it can help your business experience great success. And while it helps you attract more desirable candidates, you will also retain employees because they’re happy.

Happiness is essential for the health and well-being of your workforce. But it’s also great for your business because people work harder when they’re happy. A study by the University of Warwick found that people are 12% more productive when they’re happy.

Dr Daniel Sgroi, who helped led the research, explains, “The driving force seems to be that happier workers use the time they have more effectively, increasing the pace at which they can work without sacrificing quality.”

What can you do to build a better people-centred culture? At shrewd HR, we help you implement a proactive culture by aligning the latest employee law, best practice with the latest HR software.

shrewd HR tips to build a better business culture

  1. Increase employee engagement. A Gallup poll found that engaged employees are more productive and have a 41% lower rate of absenteeism. Engagement is key and it starts at the top. You need to hire and develop great managers and provide them with the resources they need. Set clear, achievable goals with your team as it makes them feel more engaged at work.
  2. Improve employee communication. Yearly reviews are all well and good but a lot happens over 12 months. Ongoing feedback and communication about your company’s goals encourages employees. They don’t feel like they’re in the dark about your business and will be more engaged. See point 1! 
  3. Create opportunities to build employee relationships. Your workforce is essential to the success of your business. And a great way to create a positive culture is to encourage collaboration. A sense of community is essential to create an environment of trust, which improves morale and happiness. Encourage teamwork and allow some socialising to build those important relationships.
  4. Focus on employee retention. Using all of the tips above will help boost your employee’s happiness. In turn, this leads to increasing employee retention. By keeping the best employees, you can plan for the future rather than fire fight when needing regular recruitment. As well as the disruption, it impacts your company’s finances.
  5. Be flexible. Employees these days no longer expect eight-hour, five-day working weeks. Technology means employees are used to flexible working and don’t need to turn up to the office every day. By being flexible you’re telling your team you trust them and they feel happier. And that, as we have seen, makes them more productive! 

What to do next

If you want to build a better business culture, then we can help. Contact us today and let us show you how shrewd HR Culture offers a pivotal change that will free up your valuable time to drive your business forward.