How AI can help your HR

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in HR may seem to contradictory. After all, the H in HR stands for ‘human’! But the latest advances in AI really can help businesses streamline HR functions.

Many people think of AI as being a robot replacing humans. But fear not, you won’t find a white animatronic machine at the desk in your HR department! 

Rather, AI is used in a variety of ways to augment human capabilities and make more informed HR decisions. It can also streamline operations and creates a better workplace experience by using technologies such as machine learning and predictive analytics. And it also helps automate routine (and some might say dull) tasks.

Instead of replacing your HR department, AI frees its time to concentrate on assisting the people within your team. And we can all agree, I’m sure, that this is a much better result for everyone!

Is AI in HR new?

Using AI for HR might sound like a vision of the future. But the reality is that AI has slowly been integrated in HR functions for some time. This is especially so in multinational businesses.

According to a report in Forbes business magazine, Google researchers used an early version of AI in a programme developed back in 2008. Project Oxygen assessed what would make a great manager and the resulting data helped improve management at Google. This included outcomes such as turnover, employee satisfaction and overall performance.

Computer firm HP uses an AI chatbot to engage with visitors to their website’s careers page. This encourages them to apply for suitable roles by asking a number of questions. 

The result has been phenomenal, says vice president in global talent acquisition, Lavonne Monroe in an interview. She says that during the first three months of 2023, the technology helped HP convert 26% of casual jobseekers into new employees. 

Meanwhile, General Motors uses AI to drive its candidate relationship management process. In the first year of using the chatbot, the time to schedule interviews was reduced from 5 days to 29 minutes!

How AI can help your HR

The ability of billion-dollar companies to access such technology might seem light years from the daily business of SMEs. But the reality is that AI is accessible for businesses of all sizes and budgets.

So how can AI help SMEs with their HR functions? 

Streamlining recruitment

Talent acquisition is a critical function in HR and involves complex processes and large amounts of data. Traditionally, you study physical CVs to screen applicants before scheduling interviews for candidate evaluation.

All this takes time and resources. Using AI software, you can track applicants quickly by processing data as well as analysing CVs and applications depending on criteria you specify. This not only helps speed the process but the decisions are better informed because AI does not have human bias. As a result, AI helps select the best candidate and increases the possibility of a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Better candidate experience

When you’re looking for new candidates, the recruitment process plays a vital role about what they think of your business. Using Artificial Intelligence means candidates can access virtual assistants that give answers to queries in real-time. This constant communication and transparency throughout the process helps give candidates a better experience.

Better onboarding and training

Efficient onboarding is crucial for new employees as it helps integrate them smoothly. Artificial Intelligence streamlines the process and also provides customised training plans based on their skillset and role. It also tracks employee progress and identifies areas of improvement. Using the data, businesses can create personalised learning routes based on the employee, ensuring your company has an efficient workforce.

Efficient HR operations

Tasks such as payroll management and benefits administration are essential but can be time consuming. Using AI reduces the chance of errors and lets HR team members focus on strategic initiatives. 

Remote working

Hybrid working is becoming the norm but it can present challenges for HR managers. The use of AI helps monitor employees when they work remotely and measures productivity. This helps identify potential burnout or disengagement so that the HR team can intervene when necessary.

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